efficiencyLiterature Searches and Data Analysis

s4s carries out literature searches and evaluation with great skill and accuracy based on our long-term routine handling of complex search tasks – as all our services that are not exclusively based on client data require comprehensive literature search and data analysis. We are accustomed to developing routine searches for recurring issues as well as conceiving specific research strategies for special topics.


The services of s4s in the area of literature searches and data analysis include:

  • Consulting in our areas of expertise
  • Literature searches in all relevant databases (e.g. for client-specific questions, within the scope of marketing authorisations - dossier preparation, market introduction - benefits dossier (AMNOG), medicinal product development - R&D, pharmacovigilance, dossier maintenance - lifecycle management, scientific expert assessments, medical writing, project management for research studies)
  • Evaluation of literature searches
  • Preparation of reports based on client-specific questions