s4s Tries service - The service partner for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries

s4s Tries service has been operating since 2002 as an independent service provider for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Individual solutions

We offer our clients customised services and reliable quality that allows them to precisely and efficiently achieve their goals.

The needs and requirements of our clients are at the centre of all our thoughts and actions. We develop creative solutions in co-operation with our clients as partners with a strict focus on benefits.


Expertise and quality

Our highly qualified and experienced experts, including pharmacists, chemists, bio-technologists and toxicologists continuously update their knowledge to match the latest developments in the sector and are ready for any future challenges.

Our work is distinguished by a strict commitment to quality. Our experts never settle on second best and are never satisfied with what they have previously achieved. Quality assurance is our guiding principle. It is the basis of all our consultation and support services for our clients.

This frees you and your staff. Projects outsourced to us tie up few of your resources while the quality and style of the projects are perfectly in line with your requirements. This prevents time-consuming revisions by the client.



Many well-known international and national companies rely on us. This is not the least due to the great acceptance of our work by authorities and our reliability.

On the one hand, companies have entered into long-term co-operation agreements with us, as they know their projects are in good hands, and we can plan our resources accordingly. On the other hand, our clients entrust us with individual projects and recurring work packages. or require assistance in case of capacity constraints.

The type of co-operation is individually matched to the client requirements.

However, there is one thing that all our clients have in common – they remain loyal to us.


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